Due to sudden natural/man-made/alien/magical/nazi-zombie caused event, the Earth’s gravity polarity spontaneously inverts! Instantly, billions of people, animals, and everything not indoors, or tied down, are suddenly flung from the surfaces as though they were living on the underside of a roof (1 HOUR of Special Effects!!!! Ben Affleck Dies!!!!!!!
Survivors try to piece society back together. Lava Fucks shit up. Also, all water – oceans and lakes – dry up instantly. Droughts? Oh, wait, air… hmm….?
Solution, air is slower to dissipate, so some time left for air supplies. also, air absorbed by the earth diffuses from it. months/years…..?
Realize they need to leave Earth. Since no escape velocity, getting to space is the easy part (for some(?))……..

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